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Case Study: Building Sales Momentum for a New Launch

When a Fashion industry leader launched a new line of jeans, initial sales results were less than stellar. To jump start the brand, the Sales, Marketing & Consumer Insights departments collectively developed a program to offer a more targeted assortment and developed a promotional campaign to attract attention and sales during the critical back-to-school period.

NPD data enabled the manufacturer and retailer to monitor results week by week in order to gauge the impact of new item introductions and specific advertising and promotional efforts and dial activity up or down based on the findings. The team was able to effectively compare the two key campaigns: one featuring buy one get one (BOGO) and the other offering a discount on purchase. They learned which program had the most impact and will be able to plan and spend marketing dollars more effectively in the future.

The ability to look at results in real time enabled the team to quickly understand and capitalize on consumer reaction, increasing their success rate. This meant a steady increase in share for the brand – from less than 2% at the outset to close to a quarter of all sales for the retailer by the end of the campaign, resulting in improved sales for the manufacturer, profitable growth for the retailer, and enhanced category growth benefiting both.

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